Currently in Malaysia!

It has been a while since I made my last blog post and since then so much has happened, leaving me perplexed and not knowing where to even begin to tell my story!

So I will begin to tell my story from where I currently am, which happens to be Malaysia…

I have been traveling for about 3 months leading up to now, starting in Hawaii, then making my way to Namibia (along with a few other South African countries), then to Japan where I went for a book release which some of my photographic works were published, then a diverted trip to Vietnam lead me to Thailand where I went south into the country of Malaysia….which brings me to now!

If you have followed my previous stories, then you know I am currently working a few film projects which are still currently in development stages, I also happen to be working on a photography series which will coincide with these projects.

What I have not shared are details about these projects, which I hope to share incrementally, due to not giving too much away at once and the complexity of story telling.

So as I share my story I will build a rhythm of story telling sharing the past 3 months along with giving current updates about where I currently am/doing.

-Anthony B. Rodriguez

(please leave any comments below if you have feedback) Thank you.