Late Night Thoughts.

I have been MIA for a while due to a broken laptop charger, but that has been resolved and I can now return with blog updates! Images in the post were taken late night/early morning of September 19, 2017  in Orizaba, Mexico.

I arrive to my quarters for that night with a wave of inspiration, and a bag of herb. On the floor is a map of Armenia, and a book on Flora of Baja California. In the flora of Baja book was a pressed cucurbit leaf I had pressed two months prior in Baja Cali, Mexico, a beautiful dried leaf which was nice to hold. Thoughts of revisiting Armenia and Baja in mind, as well strategizing how to implement and pursue future projects. I have experienced a lot of culture over the past few weeks, and look forward to sharing some amazing stories with you! Ice broken...

Need to shoot more self portraits.