Prepping for my Borneo Expedition!

Written Sunday July 21, 2019. 1:48am Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia.

I have been in Malaysia for eight days now, now currently in the city of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia. Sabah is the northern state of Malaysian Borneo a giant jungle Island in Southeast Asia. Prior to me arriving in Borneo, I was in the Peninsular Malaysia for the first seven days before landing in Borneo only one day ago.

Before I get into details of me being in Borneo I will brief you on the past seven days in Peninsular Malaysia.

I arrived in Malaysia from Thailand, taking a buses starting in Bangkok, Thailand. During my time here in Malaysia I have been exploring the jungles and cities from Johor Baru to the capital city Kuala Lumpur. It’s quite a challenge to put together and implement expeditions into new countries because its takes a lot of learning, finding leads , adapting to new languages, food, and cultures, all while being successful in your endeavors and trying to keep the ship moving financially.

I often get the question why am I doing this. The reason for this is because I am currently working on locations scouts for a film which I have been writing for some years now, along with tracking down and photographing a group of plants which will correlate with movie i’m working on.

I will get into details about that soon enough….but that will take some backtracking to explain.

Stay tuned!

Currently in Malaysia!

It has been a while since I made my last blog post and since then so much has happened, leaving me perplexed and not knowing where to even begin to tell my story!

So I will begin to tell my story from where I currently am, which happens to be Malaysia…

I have been traveling for about 3 months leading up to now, starting in Hawaii, then making my way to Namibia (along with a few other South African countries), then to Japan where I went for a book release which some of my photographic works were published, then a diverted trip to Vietnam lead me to Thailand where I went south into the country of Malaysia….which brings me to now!

If you have followed my previous stories, then you know I am currently working a few film projects which are still currently in development stages, I also happen to be working on a photography series which will coincide with these projects.

What I have not shared are details about these projects, which I hope to share incrementally, due to not giving too much away at once and the complexity of story telling.

So as I share my story I will build a rhythm of story telling sharing the past 3 months along with giving current updates about where I currently am/doing.

-Anthony B. Rodriguez

(please leave any comments below if you have feedback) Thank you.


Location Scout in Köln (Cologne) Germany.

October 16th, 2018 my departure date to Germany from NYC. First layover in Iceland which I did not get to see much of.. but the quick glance was pleasant. I landed in the small European country of Belgium where I hopped on a bullet train direct to Cologne, Germany.

Now that I have Arrived in this German city I will become acquainted with the city, culture, and meet with the subject for the second episode of the documentary series I am currently working on.

New Film Project Has Begun Production.

For about two years I have been conceptualizing a new film project, and now I am very excited to actually be bringing it to life. The project is currently in its infancy, so I cannot go into to detail about it just yet, although I am eager to. Since my return from my Mexican Expedition last October, I have been working in NYC to fund the production of this new project. It has been completely self-funded up to this point. 

I am extremely excited for the completion of these films, until then I will continue working to bring these concepts to light.

Stay tuned!

FIlmmakers Meetup & Screening

Currently working on a docu-seires which will begin production this year. For this project I will be using RED Digital Cinema cameras to produce the film series. So I have began to involve myself in the community of RED camera users. I recently went to "RED Underground' an event which brings together a community of the camera users where filmmakers screen and talk about their work. I had the opportunity to screen some past films and was pleased with the positive feedback. Really excited and looking forward to future projects. More soon. 

Exploring Chinatown, NYC. 

Wednesday July,18 2018. I made my way to downtown Manhattan to a filmmakers meet up & screening. Before that I had some time to kill so I wondered into chinatown to explore the markets. I was surprised to find an array unique vegetables as well as other foods. Finding Purslane (Portulaca oleracea) selling for $2.50 per lb, a simple weed that can be found growing almost anywhere (second Image down).

Also coming across masive Cucurbits and exotic fish from all over. I will make a returning trip soon to do some further exploring and documetation of this big city market!

More soon. 


July 2017- Baja California Mexico, Desert Expedition

Oh how time flies. It has been a year since my desert expedition in Baja California Mexico. This was one of the most incredible desert landscapes I had the opportunity to explore. My colleague and I started off in San Jose del Cabo, then driving a couple of hundred miles north looking for some rare and elusive plants of this region. Some days reached a high 100 plus degrees. It was an interesting transition because I was in Jamaica for a month previous to this trip. 


Antiquarian Book Store

On July 5th, I met with my botanical colleague/mentor in Manhattan NYC. During this time we visited an very small and unique book store called " Cookbooks". Owned by Joanne Hendricks, this store sells out of print, antiquarian, and unusual books. Found many gems amongst her collection. Located on 488 Greenwich Street, NYC.

Later during that day we also met with a women named Gilberta, who I met during my expeditions in the country of Armenia. Time well spent.  


Midnite During Sunset

I had the opportunity to starting off the month July at the International African Arts Festival in Commodore Barry park Brooklyn, NY. Vaughn Benjamin of the band Midnite preformed for the crowd, a majestic scene with musical chants filling the air while the sun was setting behind the buildings of downtown manhattan. 

More Blog post to come, Follow the lens. 


Film Projects Brewing

I haven't posted since my return from my Mexico trip. Over the past seven months I have been looking at gear upgrades, as well as conceptualizing future projects, and working to make these concepts a reality. More soon. 

Mexico City to New York City.

A bus ticket to Ciudad de Mexico and flight to NYC. Made my way back to the U.S a month earlier then I planned on. Will continue to share stories from my Mexican trip.  

Through the eye of a Juan Carlos.

After a long night I slept in the home of the family where the quinceañera was held. The next morning having to walk two hours back to my dwellings with along with the family I have been staying with. I have a habit of letting children hold my camera and photograph what ever they like, setting the exposure and letting them shoot away. Its always fascinating to see what and how they decide to shoot. During this sestion I was the subject of 9 year old Juan Carlos. 

Photos by Juan Carlos Cruz Lopez.

Quinceañera in Mexico.

On an early sunday afternoon I hop in the back of a pickup truck for a two hour ride to a family quinceañera.

Garcinia Fruits.

During my time here I have befriended a group of local kids. One day they ask if I would like to go pick some "lemoncello", so we walked up to a top of a hill where this fruit tree was growing and two of them climb to the top and begin to drop the fruit down to me. What seems to be a Garcinia sp. that I have not identified, one of the tastiest fruits I have had in a while.

Names from left to right. Diego, Juan Carlos, Luis, Octavio. 


Watch Out They Bite!

While walking through these thick jungles there is a high probability of being bitten by the deadly poisonous snakes that inhabit these areas which will stop your heart in less then an hour. We have seen a few just in the first fews hours, deadly and beautiful. The locals kill the snakes on sight, its quite sad to see them killed but they insist it must be done because its in the path we need to exit. 

Virgin Jungle, Miguel Hidalgo Catemaco, Mexico. 

About 4 hours into virgin jungle, I am in awe of the wild life and plant diversity. Torrential rains are frequent coming going about every 30 minutes as thick storm clouds pass over drenching us with water and then revealing the bright sun shining through the creases of the thick canopy. Exotic birds & insects are seen in every step, at one point we all came to a sudden stop after hearing the howls of monkeys shaking the trees above our heads.


Foggy Mountain Pastures.  

Salomon & I are led on a jungle expedition by a 24 year old local man by the name of Carlos. He takes the lead because he know these jungles very well and there are deadly snakes that are scattered throughout the thick virgin jungles that we will be exploring. We start our journey walking through high mountain pastures on a early foggy morning. 

Annona Breakfast. 

Today we prepare for a trek into virgin jungle. This is a sweet smelling annona species called Annona purpurea which for sometime I wanted to taste, and now I have one for breakfast. 

Not rare but exocitic looking.